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League of Legends Tutorial

Over the last couple of weeks, League of Legends presented the masses with its new 2018 tutorial, after the multiple debates and talks about the game’s plans to produce a better and more enhanced tutorial. Apparently, from the very first

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League of Legends Debuts Pyke

Over the last days, Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper, made its debutant appearance in the notorious gaming platform, League of Legends. Riot Games made an official announcement and declared that the newest champion of League of Legends, Pyke, is coming to

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The New Tournament of League of Legends

Despite the fierce competition that is stirring constantly in the gaming industry, every now and then, League of Legends gets either a new update, a unique set of innovative features, or even some enhanced gaming modes. However, Riot games recently

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League of Legends controls E-SPORTS

League of Legends, created by Tencent’s Riot games, started out in 2009 as a modest group of gamers battling each other on desktops. It has since evolved into a kind of cult and ranks among the most popular video games

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Download League of Legends Patch 8.1

After about three weeks, it is time for season eight and the excitement is up. With a new season comes new items, changes, champions, balance and a brand new ranked season. Looking back, the first 2018 patch fixed some of

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League of Legends Preseason Changes the Whole Impressions

The League of Legends is not the newest video game, rather with a new pre-season. So, this surely has a great feel which the players of the game were wishing for a long time. The League of Legends game was launched on October

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Party Voice Option – Voice Chat for League of Legends

The Developers of League of Legends Are Now Working On the Party Voice Option. League of Legends developers have officially announced that they have started working on the addition of the voice chat to this multiplayer game but just for

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